Lower back pain along with right leg stiffening and both feet numbing

by Kyle

About 4 years ago I was walking and took a step off of a curb. Without stumbling or tripping I lost feeling from the waist down, although I could still walk I had a very hard time staying balanced. After a week I went to the chiropractor and started having adjustments 3 times a week. After two months of doing this I was at a crossroad where I wasn't getting better nor was I getting worse. I decided to buy an inversion table which was the best thing I have ever put money into. Fast forward almost 2 years I had feeling and was able to bowl again but wasn't well by any means and decided to go to another Chiropractor which was another great decision without just a couple weeks was feeling a million times better. After x-rays we could see I had sacralization of L5 and sciatic nerve was inflamed for some reason! But I was a ton better well about 2 months ago I fell right on my tail bone and jarred everything and since then I have been getting worse. My feet go to sleep and I stumble a lot more than I was, dragging feet, and bowling is getting harder to do again! My left leg I feel constantly and will start to stiffen up after a long day of working or bowling. I am going to the chiropractor to no great avail of recovering and I have no insurance to go have a mri done so what I have isn't looking very good at all. I work for myself and do a lot of riding and it is very difficult for me to get out of the truck and start walking because I am so stiff. I can twist and turn and it will pop and adjust which makes it feel better but this is getting old and I am hoping something here can help! Thank you

Hello Kyle,
There is no easy answer; although officially folk with a lumbarisation have no more difficulty my experience is that they do have more trouble; that's where you are.

Pity about the second fall, you were obviously doing much better, but as they say shit happens, and it's now in the past. Just make sure there is no third fall.

The worrying part is the weakness that is developing. Go to the site search engine at chiropractic help and type in leg pain muscular weakness. Watch the video, and tell me which muscle is weak.

Are you doing any lower back exercises? Vital in a case like yours, first thing in the morning before getting out of bed. And if you're careful, you can do some of them on the skyhook.

Which movements are the most painful, Kyle? Bending forwards, backwards, to the side? Do any produce pain in the leg.

The key here is to work out which level is causing the pain; it may be at the lower levels, but it might also be higher.

Do the Slump Test which you'll find using search again.

Let me know the results of all these questions, and perhaps I can a few more suggestions.

Start the exercises; every morning, faithfully. Oh, and sit less, especially in chairs where it hurts.

Dr B

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