Lower back pain after RTC

by Pippa

I wondered if it is possible to have any damage to my lower back after I was hit side on the driver's door by a motorcycle. I was in quite a state of shock with a large bump to the head and a small amount of back and hip pain. The doctor at the hospital was more concerned about my head injury which he thoroughly examined and found neurologically in tact. He checked mobility of my hip but didn't examine my back.

I have been seeing an osteopath to treat the whiplash and general alignment but my lower back is getting worse. It is a sharp pain not an ache and occasionally have pain running down to my knee. Should I insist on an xray?

I am getting quite anxious and feel that the gp's think the hospital would have been thorough and there is nothing to worry about. I have added 2 photos of the car door in case it helps with your answer.
Many thanks for your time,

Hello Pippa,
It's unfortunately the norm when several injuries occur; what are deemed to be the lesser important are often neglected. As you said yourself, the doctor didn't examine your back.

Significant leg pain is my book an indication for a back xray, and particular if the Slump test for sciatica is positive.

Sitting in a normal kitchen chair, slowly raise the non painful leg parallel to the ground. Remember what you feel.
Now raise the naughty leg; if it does nothing bring your toes up towards the hip.

Bend slowly and carefully forwards, then backwards, and then to the side. Does it hurt in your leg?

Do you have pain coughing or sneezing?

Tell the osteopath who's treating you that the pain is getting worse. He needs to evaluate his treatment. If after a period your gut feel is that it's not helping, then a change may be necessary. Perhaps start asking friends and family for the name of a good, thorough local chiropractor.

If you have significant leg pain, then yes push the doctor for an xray. Taken standing is more useful to your chiropractor.

Let me have answers to the above questions; meantime be careful, bend and sit less and try not to sneeze.

Dr B

» lower back pain after RTC

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