Lower back pain after a broken ankle

I broke a bone by my ankle 2 months ago and am still not walking normally. My lower back is hurting too. What can I do to alleviate the back pain.

I'm assuming, and it's by no means valid, that you didn't injure your lower back when you broke your ankle.

Or, to put it differently, that the limp associated with your ankle is what's stirring up your back.

I would recommend that you start with some basic lower back exercises every morning before arising from your bed, and again last thing at night. They take only a minute or two. You'll find the link lower down.

Give that a couple weeks. If it's not improving, then you need a professional opinion on your back; the doctor treating your ankle would be a good place to start.

However, if you have a numb tingling feeling radiating down the leg, or pain on coughing or sneezing then you must take it more seriously.

Meantime just be more careful, sit less and also start icing your back once or twice a day for twenty odd minutes.

With some common sense home care it will probably settle down but beware; you're on thin ice.

Dr B

» Lower back pain after a broken ankle

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