Lower back, outer hip and leg pain.

by Desri
(Charente France)

Only an xray will determine if there are bony changes occuring.

Only an xray will determine if there are bony changes occuring.


I have had lower back problems which have been helped by a Kiné but he couldn't help the pains in my outer hips that go down my leg (not continuously but hip, through thigh, misses the knee, into upper calf, lower calf/ankle) right to my ankle.
This has got progressively worse, I sometimes can't pick up things from the floor as I bend legs the pain through hips and legs is so intense. I have been a dancer, gym and yoga instructor so very active all my life. I'm 55. If I lift one leg the pain can cross and intensify in the other.
I can't stretch to get things out of a low cupboard without back pain.
The last few days I have started to have tingling in my right calf and foot in certain positions, this is a new development. Walking is no problem. Sometimes with legs straight I can touch the floor but sometimes not. Raising a leg whilst lying down, to the ceiling causes the pain and even with leg bend I don't get far; much less flexible than I was 6 months ago. I started about a year ago an intensive exercise program (Tracey Anderson) and worked 6 days a week for an hour plus swimming, gardening, labouring on our renovation (daughter's wedding, vanity, etc!)... I think I could have pushed too hard!! How do I come back from this, any help will be most gratefully received!

Hello Desri,
What's really needed is a diagnosis and that means a thorough examination, an xray, and possibly a scan.

What you describe sounds like a fairly typical sciatica; forward bending and a straight leg raise while lying on the back provoking pain in your lower limb sounds very much like a pinched nerve root in your lower back. Does it go to the little toe, or big toe side of your foot?

What's to be done. Firstly stop trying to touch your toes; research shows it's not helpful and the same can be achieved by lying on your back and pulling your knees to the chest, without the strain on the lower back.

Secondly, instead of your intensive hour per day, start our simple lower back exercises; they take less than two minutes, but do them several times a day. Continue with the swimming.

Chronic lower back pain is tough, Desri. There are no simple answers, but I hope this contributes. Oh, ask if you have a short leg too.

Thirdly start looking for a local chiropractor who is thorough and well recommended by the community.

Fourthly, accept that there are some things you probably shouldn't do. You have to work them out, but the probably all involve bending and twisting.

Fifthly, if you need to pick something off the floor, or work in the garden at ground level, go down on one knee rather than bend.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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