lower back into my hips and down both legs



» » lower back into my hips and down both legs

I have had this pain for along time, it just seems that it's coming on more often then it ever has. The is in my lower back, into my hips and then runs down both legs. I have a hard time standing up straight, and I cannot lay on my stomach because it hurts to try to roll over. I sit at my desk and the pain goes mostly to my hips and down the legs. I have been to the chiropractor 3 times and it about put me over the edge. It did not help, not sure what is going on? Do I have a slipped disk or something ELSE GOING ON?

Not being able to stand up straight is what we call a functional scoliosis, or antalgia. I take this is temporary, last a few days or a week, and then you can straighten up until the next episode.

So far, there is nothing ominous in the sense of "something else going on". But it is serious, and doctors may disagree, but in my book it is serious. It almost always leads on to pain down the leg, as happened in your case, if not treated correctly.

The worrying part is that it is now going down both legs; that means you have quite a large herniation of the disc. Has it affected your bowel or bladder habits?

You make no mention of scans, but my advice is to see your doctor and have an xray, taken standing to show the antalgia, and preferably an MRI scan. They are expensive, but with pain in both legs, it is indicated.

I'm sorry chiropractic did help; not that I would expect a miracle when you've had this for so long. Still, your gut feeling is that it didn't help.

Chiropractic manipulation, like surgery, is an art as well as a science; perhaps the person was inexperienced and out of his depth with a difficult case like yours, or just doesn't have the knack. Not that I win with every patient with conditions like yours, but we usually do!

Get that scan, and then start looking for someone more experienced; talk to friends and family, and your doctor.

Meantime, start doing our slipped disc exercises, which you'll find in the navigation bar on the left at chiropractic help; every morning before getting out of bed.

I hope this contributes; let me know how you get on.

Dr B

» Lower back into my hips and down both legs

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