lower back, hips, legs and neck

I fractured my t12 5y ears ago now i'm having lower back pain with sharp pain shooting from my back into my hips. Then the pain runs down back of my leg into the side of my knee then runs down on outside of my calf at ends up on top of my foot beside my ankle......

My neck hurts in the upper right region and I wake up every morning with headaches and I don't have xrays.

Hello Joe,
T12 is commonly fractured when fall on the butt as one an ice patch. It's nasty, but this is probably coming from lower down your back. From L4 or L3 probably. You can test if it's a sciatica by doing the Slump Test which you can find using the Search this site function at chiropractic help. Less likely the femoral nerve.

What's needed is some new xrays of your lower back, standing if possible, neck too, and a scan if you have insurance. Then a visit to your local chiro is on the cards.

Start doing our lower back exercises faithfully every morning before getting out of bed; several times a day would be good.

Start being more careful with your back, less bending and heavy lifting if that's possible for a farmer!

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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