lower back and upper leg pain

by sherry
(kilgore, tx., usa)

Lower back and upper leg pain

When I am at work, my lower back and my upper leg hurts real bad, don't know what kind of medicine would help that.

i can't stand the pain and it is every day; would you please help me, what kind of medicine would help?

Also when I sit down, the pain stops; i do feel tinging and pain in my legs and i keep rubbing my back hard.

Hello Sherry,
You don't need medicine, you need an examination, diagnosis and treatment. Treat the cause not the pain if you want to get better.

So, firstly a few questions and tests.

One, where in your upper leg does it hurt? Prick the naughty leg with a pin and compare with your other leg. What's the difference?

Secondly, bend slowly forwards, then backwards, then to the side. Carefully, this can make it worse. Where does it hurt? Is there a difference in one leg compared to the other?

Thirdly, any pain if you cough or sneeze, or strain on the toilet?

Fourthly, go to Search this site and type in Slump test. Do the test, noting as accurately as you can what happens.

Keeping to this thread, let me have your answers, and we'll take this further.

Dr B.

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