Low Back Pain

by Ruth Jackson
(Erwin Tn USA)

My daughter, age 16, has had low back pain since age 9.

The muscles on either side of the spine are hard as a rock
24/7. She is in constant pain at a level 2-4 all the time.
The only bit of relief is a good night's sleep. She does
play tennis, but whether she lays off, or plays many matches,
seems to have no effect.

Sitting in school all day, standing,
walking up hills, riding a back, causes more pain. The pain
is aching, only a few times has she had shooting pain up the spine.

She has had many visits to doctors, but no diagnosis works. First,
was a bone scan that showed a dark circle at T-12/L-1. But after
an MRI showed that it was increased uptake-blood supply to try to
heal something at that area. She has been to Emory, CHOP, Children's
Hospital in Cincinnati, Cleveland Clinic, an osteopath, psychiatrist,
3 chiropractors, nutitionist, neurologist, and all tests show that she
is fine. Two weeks ago we saw a chiropractor who did a side view X-Ray
of her spine. He said at T-12/L-1 she had a vertebrae that was kinda
tilted up, with a wider gap between the disc. He suggested the Gonstead
method for adjustment. She has had 5 sessions, with no improvement (which
may take longer). I have done research and it could me thromocolumbar
symdrome (Maignes). If you press on the disc at T-12/L-1 it is the only
one that is tender.

She is miserable because she has no relief. Can you help?
Ruth Jackson

It is heart breaking when you have a child with a problem, and no one seems to be able to help.

When I'm faced with a situation like this, I always go back to two basics:

The first, does she have a short leg. Stand behind her, place your hands on the top of the hips (iliac crests). Are they obviously unlevel? Does she have a twist in the spine like the graphic above? Has a standing (erect) Xray of the pelvis been taken? Is the sacrum parallel to the ground?

An unlevel pelvis often produces pain around T12.

The second, is she doing some basic back exercises EVERY day? The best is about two minutes EVERY morning before getting out of bed, and of course several times a day would be better still. See our "lower back exercises" at C-H. Maignes exercises too, but more difficult.

A Pilates class?

Your Gonstead chiro will have erect X-rays. Take along your digital camera, and take a photograph and send it to me. Save on your desktop and then attach it here.

With answers to these questions, we can take this further.

I hope this has contributed.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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