Low back pain that radiates into my hip down to my groin.

by Pamela Scheib
(Westminster, CO, USA)

Hi! I am a 49 year old female with a history of disc problems. Two in my neck and one in my lower right side of my back. I had a series of injections in my neck and lower back. That was over a year ago. Since the injections I felt great. I have been back to the gym and lifting weights to strengthen my back. I have been going to the gym since Dec. 2011. But about three weeks ago I was doing leg presses and something just went in my lower back causing extreme low back pain. It went into my hip then into my groin and wrapped around my leg. I managed to get up from the machine but was not sure if I would be able to make to my car. When it first happened the pain was so bad I thought I was going to pass out! I immediately felt dizzy and nauseous. It took all I had but I did manage to get to my car and drive home. The pain was almost unbearable! When I got home my daughter had to help me out of the car and into the house. I iced it immediately for at least 3 to 4 days but needed assistance to get up from a sitting position and help to sit and lie down. I thought I was going to lose my mind because of the excruciating pain. I didn't go to the doctor because we have no insurance. The extreme pain went on for 11/2 weeks. Now the pain is bearable during the day but I can't do much. If I walk to much or just over do it I pay for it! But the worst is at night! Lying down and rolling over in bed is so painful! I don't get much sleep because I'm constantly waking from the pain whenever I move or rollover. The pain from when I first hurt my back until now is much better but I still have low back pain that radiates into the hip and down into the groin. I know I should see a doctor but the money just isn't there!

You're in a tough place, Pamela. Usually the right course of events is History > thorough Examination > perhaps special tests like XR or scan > Diagnosis > appropriate treatment. You simply can't afford that, so...

First of all, just be really careful. Nothing stupid. Perhaps follow our "Slipped disc rules" - use the Search this Site function at C-H.

Next, recognise that the purpose of the gym is not to turn you into Miss World, but to make you more healthy. Perhaps rather do a home back exercise programme that won't hurt you. One way or another, gyms bring us a lot of work. Surgeons too, I imagine.

I'm unable to decide if you've injured a muscle in the groin, or injured a nerve that supplies the groin area. Either way, be careful, use ice for pain, sit less and spend some time lying down each day and doing our "lower back exercises" faithfully.

Try and avoid pain killers and anti inflammatories. Pain, believe it or not, is your friend, and turning it off is not helpful.

If after 2-3 weeks it's not improving, then cancel your annual holiday, go back to basic and simple (and inexpensive) eating, stop using makeup, cancel your cable TV and see a local chiropractor.

It's sad that health care in America has now become so expensive that the ordinary person in the street can't afford it.

When this is over, start a dedicated medical savings account that is fed on the first of the month, every month, before any little luxuries.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

> > Low back pain that radiates into my hip down to my groin.

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May 03, 2018
by: Shelley

I was feeling fine until one day while running up the basement stairs with a box. I was going so fast I rammed into the banister of the stairs.Which part of your body rammed into the banister? Next day pain in right side then lower back. Where in the right side, and where in the lower back? So bad I had to pull out pain pills.

Pills help but when it wears off, ouch. Had MRI; specialist wanted to inject pain meds into back. Family doctor wants CT scan of abdomen. I’m confused and been in pain over two months.

What can this be??? Kidney stones??? I’ve had them, same back pain but radiates to right groin area. Along with CT doctor wants me to see a pain specialist??? Confused; won’t tests show what’s wrong? What can a doctor who studies pain tell me what’s wrong? I’m getting depressed living like this 😢

Dr. Barrie Lewis Dr. Barrie Lewis

Hello Shelley,
Yes, I can understand you are miserable after two months; is there no improvement?

In addition to the two questions above, tell me what aggravates and what relieves the pain please.

Be as specific as you can.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

May 21, 2017
In pain in groin after heart cathetorization
by: Anonymous

Day after heart cathetorization I noticed slight discomfort in lower right pelvis to right testicle. Pain has continually increased from front to back. Doctors said some plug? used should be mindful of for 90 days. I waited.

If I press on lower right abdomen and along pelvic/ hip bone I can trace pain to almost center of back at upper edge of bone. At one point more toward right side pressing sends pain downward. But mostly bothersome in lower abdomen and groin.

I have had numerous kidney and bladder stones. One in right kidney now. I have fallen a few times in past year and a half about 3'+ out door just losing balance and landing on concrete below.

Have COPD from PE and asthma and pacemaker for bradycardia so no MRI just x-rays, CT's, sonogram, with no answers.

Dr. Barrie Lewis Dr. Barrie Lewis

At this stage you need good objective evidence to conclude this is coming from your back, or sacroiliac joint; but it could be.

If you bend and twist, does it tweak in the lower back?

With all these problems in so many different organs, I would suggest your body is urgently calling for a complete change of lifestyle.

A change to the Mediterranean way of eating, and a walk every day would be a great start, but it's a huge topic. Olive oil, chickpeas and an apple a day?

Dr. Barrie Lewis

May 29, 2015
Lower Back Pain radiating to the side of the hip and groin
by: Anonymous

I've been having lower left side back pain that started 5 years ago. It doesn't happen every day, but most days. Starts in the morning and lasts most of the day. It's burning pain that radiates to the side of the hip and groin. It intensifies as I am on my feet and doing house work. I am a 66 year oid female. Five years ago prior to this pain starting I took a job as a home health aide and was sent to a 6 foot 3 inch man that had to be lifted from his bed (seated) to a wheel chair. He had cancer and was thin, but probably weighed 160 lbs. I should have refused to do the lifting but did anyway. I didn't notice any immediate back pain from this, but maybe this started the back pain (?) Doctor at the VA clinic said back strain. Does it last 5 years?

Dr. Barrie Lewis Dr. Barrie Lewis

A diagnosis of back strain is terribly vague, but in general, a strain shouldn't last five years.

You most likely have a lumbar condition that's affecting the femoral nerve, or even a Maigne's syndrome. That comes from the junction of the lumbar and thoracic spine.

Always with groin pain, a hip condition also needs to be considered. If you pull your knee to the chest is it very stiff and painful?

I would recommend you start with an xray of your lumbar spine and pelvis.

Then you'll find some lower back exercises in the navigation bar on the left at Chiropractic Help.

What's needed is a proper examination by someone who knows rather more than your VA doctor; a diagnosis is imperative.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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