Low back pain that has come back

Low back pain that has come back


I've been in a car accident a year ago, I was to a osteopath and he said it was just back pain. So I went on..but now the pain is back,

I went to the Dr yesterday and we took X rays. L4 and L5 has " grown" attached on each other plus my cushion in between is very flat.

I'm a pilot so this worries me a lot! What can I do to recover it or make it better again?

Will the backpain go away? I have so many questions on it. Could someone please help me? It pains from the left dimple above your bum down to the left bum bone.

Dear S,
You've put me on the spot. Frankly it's unprofessional for me to pronounce on what another doctor said or did.

Also your letter is not clear. Did you have treatment from the osteopath. Did it relieve the pain? Were you given exercises? I don't really buy into "it's just back pain". Back pain can be extremely debilitating.

Do you have a copy of the X-ray report? What you've written is not too clear.

From the way you describe it, this sounds like an old injury that predates the MVA, and was aggravated in the collision.

You get no leg pain and that's a huge plus.

My suggestion: if you were helped by the osteopath, then I would return to him/her with your X-rays. If you're not satisfied, then it's perhaps time to consult someone else. Ask your doctor for advice and perhaps this page will help.

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Type out the full copy of the Xray report.

Dr B

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