Low back pain radiating to upper thighs

by Joyce

Started as left groin pain with certain movements, then cleared up for a couple of weeks and has now gone to lower back certain movements.

Bending forward slightly sends pain to the pelvic area and into thighs, worse if I twist my hips on impact; ie jumping, running, coughing etc makes it worse very sharp referred pain.

Hello Joyce,
This isn't straight forward; it sounds like it started as hip condition. That could be strained muscle, an impingement syndrome or something else.

However the fact that you've now started with lower back pain, especially with coughing aggravating it, adds another whole dimension.

Is it a Maigne's syndrome that can radiate to the groin, or a slipped disc or something else.

As in all these things, do some gentle exercises for a few more days, be careful with bending and twisting, use ice for pain relief, and if there's no improvement, you'd better see your doctor or start hunting for a chiropractor.

Good luck, I hope this contributes.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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