low back pain, radiating down left buttock into groin and down anterior thigh

by Rhonda
( Riverside, Tx USA)

Low back pain, radiating down left buttock into groin and down anterior thigh is probably from the femoral nerve.

My neck is fused at C4-5 & my low back is fused from L4-S1.
I have been experiencing severe low back back pain with spasms radiating down the left side, L-1 into my left buttock which is swollen. The pain continues to radiate into my left groin low down and down the lateral and anterior portion of left hip and leg. The pain continues down the left leg into the foot. After standing for a few minutes, I lose feeling and ultimately the left leg and foot go completely dead/numb no feeling at all. The pain does go deep into left hip joint as well.

I am on 50mcg fentanyl patch, 10mg/325mg Percocet QID, 20mg baclofen TID, 800mg gabapentin TID for pain and spasms to no avail.

My late husband was a Chiropractor in Houston, Tx, & I benefited from his help until I had my back fused in 1996.
Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

Dear Rhonda,
The pain you are experiencing is most likely from the femoral nerve; after a fusion the area of the spine just above the fusion now does all the bending and twisting, more than it was designed to do, and so more levels are affected.

I've had the same lesion myself so I know the pain you're going through. It hurts. I was fortunate, my daughter is a chiropractor, and I escaped the knife. It would be worth consulting one of your husband's colleagues to see if he can't help.

Whilst bed rest isn't generally recommended, prolonged standing and sitting are likely to be painful and aggravate the condition. I recommend you regularly lie down for a period and do some gentle lower back exercises.

Alternating ice and heat help too.

I wish I could be more helpful.

Dr B

» low back pain, radiating down left buttock into groin and down anterior thigh

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