Low back pain on one side, radiates front to groin on bending backwards or toward the tender side.

by Rob
(Vancouver, WA, USA)

Note the L1, 2, and 3 distribution

Note the L1, 2, and 3 distribution

Low back pain on one side, radiates front to groin on bending backwards or toward the tender side; this usually means a disc extrusion into the IVF causing severe leg pain.

Continuous pain in the lower right back seemingly an inch away from the spine. Radiates around the front of the hip to the groin and down to the inner part of the leg to the knee.
The pain came on suddenly, without any serious trauma or accident. The only lifting I did was moving a 31lb case to a closet; and the pain didn't happen until an hour or so after that. I initially thought I had hip pain, but quickly realized it was radiating from my back around the front of the hip toward the groin and ending on the inside of leg near the kneecap.

The pain in the lower back is relatively constant and becomes extremely painful when standing. Sitting gives the best relief. I and only minimize the pain for sleep by laying on my right side in the fetal position.

I can bend forward and touch my toes with no problem. I can bend to my left as well. However, bending backward or to my right causes the 'pinch' and the pain then radiates. I'm into my third week with little improvement. I've had two adjustments last week from my Chiro. The doctors are perplexed because I am so flexible forward and that sitting is the least painful pose (including laying).

Hello Rob,
My sympathies as I have personally been exactly where you are, and I know the pain you are going through.

There are two possibilities, others too that could only be confirmed by a scan, but the most likely is a herniation of a mid lumbar disc into the intervertebral foramen; then you get relief by bending forwards, and increased pain on extension and especially leaning to that side.

It's affecting the femoral nerve. Look out for weakness developing in the quadriceps muscle. The knee will start to give. How is the knee jerk reflex?

I am fortunate; my daughter is also a chiropractor and I was able to have daily treatments using what we call a side posture drop technique, with no attempt to get a release or click.

I would recommend an MRI so that your chiropractor would know exactly which level is involved; it could be one of two.

I wouldn't bend forwards even though it causes no pain; it's not helpful. Better is lying on your back and gently pulling your knees to the chest.

Have you gone into an antalgic posture where you look like the tower of Pisa? Then you won't be able to stand for long and should intermittently perch on a high stool but feet on the ground and lying down. Do our lumbar disc exercises at least twice hourly. Ice helps a lot with the pain, but I needed anti inflammatories for a few days and you probably do too; the leg pain can be excruciating.

If it starts to affect your bladder you must tell your medical doctor immediately. You will need to be catheterised.

If you chiro wants to discuss the technique we use, he can skype me.

I was lucky and managed to escape the knife; I hope you do too. You can read about my Houdini act at femoral nerve damage; use the site search function at chiropractic help.

Dr B

» Low back pain on one side, radiates front to groin on bending backwards or toward the tender side.

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