Low back buttock groin leg foot pain/tingling

by Ruth

Maigne's syndrome come from the thoraco lumbar junction.

Maigne's syndrome come from the thoraco lumbar junction.

First episode 2 yrs ago mainly right groin pain. Lasted about 6 weeks. No treatment except painkillers. Had abd/pelvic ultrasound and ct scans. Also x-ray to check for kidney stones. Clear.

1 yr later started to get cramping lower leg/toes, progressed to tingling, burning legs and feet; very little back psin. Drs checked vit d, iron levels ok. Given quinine no change. One said maybe restless legs, one "anxiety "

1 yr later groin pain again with some low back and buttock pain. Mainly right side. Tingling and burning in legs and feet, both, but more in right. Very uncomfortable to sit more than a couple of minutes. Lying only ok on left side. Restless, agitated feeling that I need to change position very often. Need to walk to give some slight relief.

Developed severe anxiety and depression 7 yrs ago. Had to retire because of it. Since then have become very sedentary, sitting on saggy chair for many hours each day.

Current pain started 9 wks ago. Currently having physiotherapy appointments , two mobilisation treatments so far and now 3 exercises to do twice daily. Usually take 2 x 2 antiinflamms daily; don't like taking meds. Use ice and heat.

Physio is on 2 week holidays just now. I'm continuing as instructed but no relief yet. Unable to drive etc. It's really getting me down as I can't see any light at the end of the tunnel. I'm female 62.

Sorry this is so long. I would appreciate any comments/ tips etc thank you, Ruth.

Ps physiotherapist says possibly from lumbar spine roots or facet joints/ sacroiliac.

Hello Ruth,
What strikes me from reading your report, not that long really, is that no one has come up with a diagnosis; possibly this, and possibly that.

I won't be so presumptious as to add to that confusion.

It seems that there may be different things going on.

First of all your sedentary lifestyle; that's only going to complicate what's going on. Are you fed up enough with the pain to start taking a walk, or cycle, or swim every day?

Secondly, you mention groin pain quite often; that's likely coming either from the hip, the sacroiliac joint, or a Maigne's syndrome. Lie on your back and pull the knee to your chest, then to the opposite shoulder, and then drop into the lotus position; is it noticeably tight and stiff and painful? Compare with the other hip.

Thirdly, if you're still on anti depressants, there's a 75% increased risk of osteoporosis; but that's a silent disease and you don't know until something breaks.

To test if this is coming from your lower back, sit in a kitchen chair, flex your head and ask hubby to lift each leg in turn parallel to the ground, dorsiflexing the ankle. Are they equal? Is it particularly sore in the leg or lower back?

Now bend slowly forward, backwards and to the side; any sharp pain, any radiation to the leg?

I'm shooting in the dark, Ruth, but these are the kinds of tests I'd be doing.

I hope it contributes. Meantime stick with your PT; give her a chance; Rome wasn't built in a day.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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