Low back Aching/ Side Leg Upper Buttocks

by Laurie
(Mckinleyville, ca)


I am a 54 year old female with aching pain ONLY WHEN LYING DOWN ! The pain starts in my low back ( I have severe stenosis at L4 or 5. I have had multiple MRI's Cat Scans all telling me I have stenosis, but my symptoms are mostly at night. although any core exercise causes, daytime aching stiffness, pain.

These symptoms do not seem to match what I have seen written on stenosis and wonder if there could be another reason. Oh yes, I forgot to mention I have always been super active low weight and in shape. I have done pilates for years and had to give that up. :(

I also have a slippage called spondylolisthesis.

Any ideas on which of these issues is causing my problem. I want to try to deal with this correctly.


Hello Laurie,
A spondylo is an old fracture, usually in childhood, though there is a second type caused by degerative facet joints. They are very different, both called a spondy slippage.

Do you get more pain in the back and leg when you bend backwards or sideways?

Personally I find the degerative spondy responds quite well to what we do, but the fracture type can be more difficult, depending on the degree of slippage.

I would go on exercising, just don't do the vigorous core / Pilates stuff. You'll find some very simple basic exercises at C-H under lower back exercises. See the menu bar.

Have you ever consulted a chiro? Perhaps this is the time to do. Take your scans with you.

Occasionally the upper lumbar spine is the problem. Have a look at this page on Maigne's syndrome, and see the distribution of the Superior Cluneal nerves and the Lateral Femoral Cutaneous never. Maignes syndrome ...

Good luck, let us know how you get on.

Dr B

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