by Jody Honeycutt
(Rockingham, N.C. USA)

From all that I have read, I must have a pinched nerve. I have a limp that has been getting worse over the last 5 years. I fill like i'm dragging my leg. No pain is involved but I do feel a bulging sensation in a spot on my lower back around L1 or L2. My sacro joints are tender.

When I bend over to step into underwear, it is hard to lift my leg, but this can be better some days than others. There are times when my feet tingle. But mostly my right side is affected. I am scared that I have permanent damage. No fall or injury happened. I went from being a very active athletic person, music teacher in public school, bike rider, rollerblader, walker, etc. to sitting alot.(job change, mother became sick, etc.)
I started the maigne's exercises yesterday and have done them 3 times. I cannot touch my fingers properly over my head. I can't even stand on one foot with my eyes closed, much less walk one foot in front of the other. I really don't know what to do but I know if I went to a doctor, they would want to cut me and I am dead set against that.I'm stumped because I have so little pain associated with my condition. Could you make any other suggestions. I am a really healthy person. I feel so out of balance when I walk but, always stepping carefully for fear of falling.No muscle strength have I on the right leg.If you can offer some suggestions I would appreciate it greatly.

Hello Jody,
You go to a doctor/chiropractor for two reasons. First to find out what's wrong. Examination and diagnosis. This involves no treatment.

Then secondly the appropriate treatment options for the condition.

You are putting the cart before the horse: worrying about the treatment when you have no idea what is the matter. And there are a heap of possibilities. A good exam is called for.

Do you have an arthritic hip, hence unable to lift the leg? Pain in the groin?

Or is the leg weak, hence unable to lift the leg. That could be a pinched nerve in the back, but weakness in the leg also comes from diabetes and other neurological diseases.

The exercises should be good, but again, usually want to make a diagnosis, and then recommend the appropriate exercises. The Maignes exercises are unlikely to hurt, but still do them sensibly, carefully, regularly.

Then again if you lose balance when closing the eyes, there is concern about neurological diseases. Time to see a neurologist is my advice.

I hope this contributes. Let me know when a diagnosis is made.

Dr B

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