like the adjustments, missing the rehab

by Joshua
(Oahu, Hawaii)

I've been going to the chiropractor for six years now after a wicked car accident. C1 was my worst enemy, along with C7-T1. I have always gotten amazing relief from my chiropractor, but I feel like it's taking way longer to heal than it would have if my chiropractor had actually told me the proper exercises to do to strengthen the stabilizing muscles around those cervical vertebrae.

I've done a ton of research on my own, and through trial and error, have found the perfect rehab program that works for me. My chiropractor was very good because he had a number of different options for adjustment each area, namely the T1/ 1st rib area. I didn't like the original approach of lying face down then him rotating my head to the side while pushing down with the other hand on my upper back. Now he adjusts me crossing my arms sitting up, then lowering me down onto his fist while pushing down with the other hand through my elbows.

Hello Joshua,
Thank you for your contribution; it's spot on.

Having said that, I'm big on rehab for all other areas but very conservative with the neck; I've made a fair number of people worse with exercises.

But you've done the right thing; found your chiropractor's strengths, worked out which adjustments work best for you and figured out your own rehab programme. That's what I call being a highly responsible patient; well done.

Nasty car accidents leave their mark alas, if ligaments have been torn, and they usually are, it remains a weak area.

Dr B

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