Leg pain in my thigh

by Chloe

So today at school my friend and I were trying to do the splits. I use to be able to do them because I danced and she use to be able to do them because she did gymnastics. But when I went to do them the first time I was a ruler off the ground then the second time I jumped like an inch then slid down into them and I was fully down. When I did them the second time and I was on the ground my thigh went to immediate pain and I was laying on the ground holding it and I was laughing because we were joking around but I was crying because it hurt so bad.

The whole rest of the school day it continued to hurt and now that I’m home I’ve just been resting and it hurts really badly. I have wanted to cry so many times because that is how bad it hurts. My mom and I think that I could of pulled a muscle like the hamstring.

So I want to know what you think I could have done to it, and I’ve done them many times before this, but I’ve always been a ruler off the ground. I just want you thoughts on what I should do and or what I could’ve done to it.

Hello Chloe,
There's really not much point in trying to do the splits; when you are young and the hip sockets are much looser, you might be able to, but only very hypermobile adults can do it; for the rest you are only likely to injure yourself.

It is impossible for me to tell for certain obviously since I cannot examine you, but strained adductor tendon is a likely diagnosis; you may have pulled the muscle, have an avulsion fracture where the tendon ruptures a piece of bone off the pubes, or even may have damaged the labrum around the hip joint.

Just be careful for a week or two, no sport training, ice and gently stretch it, and look out for bruising. If the pain is really severe and you cannot walk, then an x-ray of the pelvis would be a good idea. Do not try the splits again! Only for the circus act.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC

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