Leg pain and tightness. Left knee and right hip pain while walking

by Vinod

Hi Doctor,

I am Vinod; I hope you and your family are staying safe during this Covid 19 outbreak.

About my condition; I have both leg tightness(both upper and lower leg) at rest. Pain and tightness gets really worse while walking. I feel funny while walking and also have left knee and right hip pain.
I also suffer from back pain and I have a hard time bending. My symptoms are worse in the morning. I have been suffering from this for over 2 years. I had MRI and CT done, which only showed mild disc bulge at L4-L5 and L5-S1 with no nerve impingement. Doctors said my slump test is positive but other tests like toe strength are normal. I can extend backward but have a hard time bending forward as my hamstrings are really tight.

When doing the Slump test my symptoms are almost similar in both legs.

Also during the Slump test my upper back between shoulders hurts bad. When I try to stretch both hamstrings my both feet would start to go numb.

This all started two years ago when I was playing cricket with radiating pain down my left leg. I had two episodes of sharp pain to my left leg.
And since then the sharp pain never came again, but legs have not been right most of the time like I have mentioned earlier. I am 34 and don't smoke. I used to be very active until this injury. I also have hypothyroidism.

Doctor did you ever had any body with my symptoms? Which conditions could cause similar symptoms on both legs during slump test?

Hello Vinod,
I have a few questions.
1. Do you have pain between the shoulderblades only during the Slump test, or do have discomfort there at other times too. Does rotating your torso whilst sitting hurt? If you bend your head forward onto your chest, what happens?

2. You say the Slump test is similar in both legs. Sit in a kitchen chair, flex your head onto your chest and ask someone else to raise first your right leg parallel to the ground, and then the left. Tell me EXACTLY what you feel?

3. When you bend forwards is it equally tight in both legs?

4. Tell me more about your right hip pain; is it in the groin, side of the hip or in the sacroiliac joint?

If you have an x-ray, could you send it to contact please, together with the report.

Dr B. Lewis DC

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