leg pain and at time leg will buckle

by Gus
(Jackson, NN)

My leg just under the butt cheek hurts and it makes it hard if not impossible to walk. The pain will move to where there was none the next time.

I don't know why but it seems to be getting worse. I can't walk without pain and dragging the leg.

Hello Gus,
Dragging of your leg is always a potentially serious situation; it may mean that you have a seriously pinched nerve causing what is known as paresis, or nerve weakness, in medical jargon.

A thorough chiropractic examination is called for, looking for numbness, loss of reflex, weakness in specific muscle groups and a positive nerve stretch test.

Talk to friends, family and your doctor and locate a good chiro.

Be careful; don't do lots of bending, twisting and lifting. Sit less. And do our exercises that you'll find in the navigation bar at chiropractic help.

Let me know how you get on.

Dr B

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