Leg different than before

by Sallie

I have spinal bifida occulta just above my tail bone. Chiropractors have been trying to straighten my scoliosis caused by this. In the process they have adjusted my hip socket, ankle, knee and feet.

I now have morton's neuroma in my feet and a knee that swells. It has been told to me I have a tear in my knee but, I haven't had an ultra sound.

I have been adjusted for 20 years as needed. I use to have lower back pain and that is gone.

I'm supposed to wear a heal lift due to a shorter leg now. The longer leg doesn't feel the same (strength/muscle tone, ankle turns in, when on the floor legs extended out front the long leg shin and ankle are visibly lower).

These changes are just that. They never use to be. When I ask about it they say your body is not symmetrical. I realize that but, this is a change. I'm from Michigan where they are just to work on the spine I found out. Therefore I'm having trouble getting put back together (even by those who have adjusted this area in the past). I appreciate all they have done for me and will never turn them in however, I'm trying to be proactive.

If you can tell me of a state that can adjust me with experience legally that would help in my search for a qualified chiropractor.

Hello Sallie,
Spina bifida occulta has little significance; it's the short leg that has caused your scoliosis, though there are other factors that contribute. It's good you have no lower back pain; do some gentle back exercises every day to keep it at bay.

There are probably changes going on in your knees or hips that are causing these changes in the shape of your legs.

You'll have to cross the border into one of the bordering states to find chiropractors who can address all the joints in your body.

Dr B

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