Leg cramps

by Kelsey
(Kansas )

I am currently pregnant and went to a chiropractor for the first time due to sciatic pain. After the adjustment I have developed left leg cramps specifically in my calf and anterior thigh. Is this normal or is there an underlying concern that I need addressed?

Hello Kelsey,
To be honest I'm not sure. An after treatment reaction is in some ways good, in that the problem area is obviously being addressed, but, yes, it can be an aggravation of the condition.

After treatment it's always wise to be extra careful; the back is vulnerable, certainly for several hours, and even perhaps a day or two.

Since leg cramps are not usually part of a sciatica, it could be completely unrelated; more often they are caused by a midsummer mineral loss from perspiration.

All in all, I have no definite answer for you. Discuss your concerns with your chiropractor, and follow your gut feeling.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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