Left thigh upper

by Susan
(South Africa )

My left leg is 33cm bigger than my right thigh; on the top of the thighs I have pain below buttocks and pain running down just after saddle bag; only those area of my left thigh.

Please advise as it looks very strange having one thigh bigger than the other. I don’t have pain in the groin area.

Hello Susan,
I'm afraid you haven't described this very well.

Firstly 33cm bigger - I take it you are talking about the circumference - is astronomical.

Then it's not clear if this is in both or one leg; you say left thigh, but also thighs.

Is it at the back, side or front of your thigh? I'm not sure what you mean by saddle bag.

Then, I need a lot more detail. Your general health, when this started, what caused it, if you know, what increases and relieves the pain, and whether you have back pain.

What examinations you've had, if any, and what the diagnosis and treatment was, would help.

Sorry, but on the very sketchy information you've provided, it's impossible to come to any conclusion.

Dr B

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