left side numbness

My father has recently begun complaining of numbness in his left hand, buttocks, and thigh. No apparent injury, no facial or neck involvement, no pain. The numbness is intermittant but all the symptoms are consistant.

Hello Sheila,
I'm assuming he is 60+. Whenever symptoms radiate to the limbs, it's best not to delay. Even more so when it's down his arm and leg.

I would start with his doctor. In the absence of any neck or lower back pain, first stop is to rule out a brain lesion. Your doctor will look for "hard neurological signs", and if he finds anything, probably order a scan, depending on what he finds.

When it's a neck problem, the numbness will follow a particularly dermatome. If it covers the first three, perhaps four fingers, but missing out on the pinkie, then we think of carpal tunnel syndrome.

The neck can cause symptoms in the leg, but it's quite rare: cervical spinal stenosis. Type it into the Search this site function at C-H.

Then, if your doctor finds nothing in the brain or spinal cord, then start looking for a thorough conscientious chiropractor in your neck of the woods.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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