Left medial leg pain around hip, left lower back pain, high in the lumbar region

by Shannon

Is Patrick's test stiff and sore?

Is Patrick's test stiff and sore?

I am a mostly healthy 54 yr old female. Very good diet; no one eats more kale than I do! I have had back problems for years. A horse fell on me when I was 13. I had hairline fractures of both hips and a huge contusion on my lower back where the horse kicked me as I fell. I spent a few weeks in traction of one leg, probably left leg.

I healed fine, ran cross country in high school, and became a massage therapist at 22, and worked hard for years.

At 30 yrs old I was injured in a workshop on pelvic stabilization. The techniques taught, in my case destabilized my pelvis so I have never been partial to St John's technique for hip stabilization!

I have fought for hip stabilization for years and continue to this day. It was a life changer for me. I know how to correct my perceived leg length discrepancy coming from the ANTERIOR hip rotation on the left with the sit up test. I can block my hips, (SOT blocking.) I can align my pubic symphysis with the shotgun technique.
. At times I use an SI belt for stabilization, and I know every appropriate exercise to correct glut med weakness and strengthen the core.

In spite of all this knowledge I am in nearly constant chronic pain in my left low back and for the last 2 yrs medial thigh pain. I did have active sciatica down my left thigh for a few years but at the moment it's Ok.

Today I had the brilliant idea to try some orthotics as my left foot is flatter than the right side and perhaps this is playing into continual 2 years of left medial thigh pain.
I have had a MRI two hrs ago and there was no issues found. In fact my spine looked very healthy. Good spacing. I had a hip X-ray and this too, proved to be normal. I have full range of motion in my hips. Actually the left hip when it is this sore, does not like to flop out away from the midline although this does change on a week to week basis.

I skate ski a lot in the winter. I thought I had injured my left adductor two years ago but as time went on and I really didn't heal I started to wonder what is the real problem?

I am wondering if you think this is partially due to immobility in the thoracolumbar junction(Maigne syndrome) or if you have other suggestions?

My condition is definitely irritated by walking and at the moment working, doing massage therapy but it is hard to not walk. Lying down feels good. After 1/2 hr of being up in the morning I have problems in my medial leg (pain) and left upper lumbar pain. I am currently committed to taking Voltarin for a few weeks as the pain can get so bad that I can't move. Antiinflammatories help a lot but I would rather not take drugs.

I do take fish oil and meriva( turmeric) .
Any insight you have would be welcomed.The medial thigh, hip pain is very tiring.

Hello Shannon,
You're going to be cross with me, Shannon, but here goes. I believe in talking straight.

There's an old saying: He who treats himself has a fool for a doctor and an idiot for a patient.

I'm absolutely in favour of folk taking responsibility for their own health, as you do, but after a period you have to ask yourself: am I missing something?

Clearly you need professional help. I don't know whether you have a femoral nerve lesion, or a pubic bone problem, or a femoro acetabular impingement, or other, but clearly something is happening. It's going to take a thorough professional examination to work this one out.

All of those incidentally will give you groin and medial thigh or adductor pain.

Start hunting for someone who can help you with this.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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Mar 24, 2016
Not cross
by: Shannon

Dr B, I am certainly not cross with you! I love your site and wonderful news letters. I have seen many chiropractors, many physical therapists and a very good acupuncturist. I have had many different diagnoses..including real leg length discrepancy, one hip smaller than the other, critiqued for taking steps too big, and all this disproved by the next therapist.

I know for a fact I have stiff lumbars, and an overactive left si joint.

I am not positive for the test for Maignes, my left foot is flatter (collapsed arch).

Once in a while there will be a movement through my hips and pain will reverse ..I will have right sided pain and no left pain whatsoever. This could go on for months until it reverses to the old pattern! Last summer I was able to achieve nearly pain free living doing Foundation Training by Eric Goodman. Videos on YouTube. I even backpacked which was incredible for me. I built up to it very slowly.

I have had my lung punctured by a physical therapist doing deep acupuncture in Victoria BC in 1995 which as you might understand put me off acupuncture for a while! In any case I found an excellent fully trained acupuncturist where we live now and he has helped my with many serious movement issues. Also turned my child when I was pregnant with slant board and moxibustion on lateral side of little toes, (taught me how)and induced labor for me so I wouldn't be medically induced the following day. He taught me to do acupuncture on him to build my confidence after having a lung puncture. Truly a wonderful soul. I saw him over a year ago for the medial leg pain. He needled the adductors so which made me much worse!
I'm trying to get back to the foundation training ( which is fantastic) but experiencing a flare up so not able to follow through very well. I suspect gluten plays a role in muscle tightness. I do much better off gluten but need to be off for months for suspected inflammation to dissipate.

Full disclosure, my husband is a chiropractor, summa cum laud but I am a complicated patient. I think too many factors playing into my situation for anybody to get it right, hence my own interest in trying to heal myself. I have been doing massage therapy for 30 years. I saw another chiropractor for a year who was wonderful but my situation did not change much. He always pulled my left leg which at the moment I would find really annoying!

I believe the Fabers test at the moment is painful. Having arch supports in my shoes has definitely helped my medial thigh pain, so I am continuing with that trial.

I am a conundrum, but I love your site.
Thank you for helping so many people and being so passionate about what you do!

Like you we grow a wonderful garden which we eat plentifully from. We are off to Spain in June and will wrap up, in Amsterdam so my son can check in with his heritage.

Hello Shannon,
Ah, that puts things in another light! It's always difficiult treating own family and in fact the medical recommendation is that doctors don't treat family. It applies to chiropractors too, but we all disregard it! One has to work extra hard to give family the same level of care as paying patients; perhaps if you paid for the treatment! And took his thoughts more seriously.

Is fabere positive in the groin, side of the hip or SIJ?

This sounds like hip to me. If you have an x-ray of the pelvis please send to brlewis[at]mweb[.]co[.]za Let me know if it was taken standing.

Thanks for the compliments.

Enjoy Amsterdam.

Dr Barrie Lewis

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