Left leg only slight tingle and numbness

by Anonymous

left leg only slight tingle and numbness

Hello and good day,

I came across your website, and would like to take the chance to post my question.

Recently my left leg, mostly the lower part, starts to tingle and sensation is reduced, albeit not entirely.

Also I feel like there is something on the left side of my groin.

My penis also seems to go numb as well and tingle slightly.

I noticed this especially when I start feeling aroused, this is primarily due to the healthy food that I am eating which gives me alot of energy.

it should be noted that I ate before the same food without the same consequences.

this happened one day when I got so aroused and hard ( sorry for the specifics), but I refused to masturbate.

Following that I felt like my groin is stuffed, the veins in particular.

then the numbness happened on the left leg, Its usually mild.

Following that incident, I feel my head from the top is beating and I started to forget so much, I can't remember where things are, and I forget just around the corner after asking someone a question, also my chest seems tighter and my breathing is more shallow like it is stuffed.

I don't know if this last part is related, but it came with it.

I am 25, 190cm (6'4) 74.5 KG

Any advise will be greatly appreciated.

These may be quite unrelated signs and symptoms, or indeed connected.

The Femoral nerve passes through the groin and supplies the upper front thigh and inner lower leg.

Also the scrotum is innervated by the Femoral nerve. So this could be related to your lower back. Any back pain?

I would recommend a good thorough spinal examination.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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Mar 10, 2013
Response to Doc
by: Anonymous

Hi, Anonymous here again,

Thank you for your response.

I do not have any back pain what so ever.

but from what I can see on my scrotum is that there is a vein that is enlarged.

like its all tangled up.

any advice?


Dr. Barrie Lewis Dr. Barrie Lewis

Hello Anon,
I would start with these exercises for your lower back, even though you have no LBP. Unable to examine you, it's very difficult to diagnose what this problem is.

Whilst I doubt you have Maignes syndrome, the exercises are the same.

Take a brisk 20 min walk every day, or run.

If no improvement, I'd start with a visit to your GP. The Femoral nerve stretch is difficult for you to do at home like the Sciatic nerve.

Actually you could do that test too:

Slump Test

If it's positive let me know and we can continue this.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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