left hip and sacral pain after L4/5 fusion

by pat
(atco nj)

Where in the thigh is your pain?

Where in the thigh is your pain?

I had a L4/5 fusion because of herniated disc at L4 and also spondylolysthesis L4 over 5; the pain in my right leg was gone after surgery.

About three months later I developed left sided pain down my thigh. Went back to surgeon; all ok with surgery but he feels it is a combination of left hip bursitis ans sacralilitis. I went to pain management and had an injection in the left si joint; this helped immediately however it only lasted about two weeks.

I have done pt and have taken prednisone if pain gets bad but still no permanent relief. I do not want to be on chronic pain meds; thanks, pat.

Hello Pat,
It's a not unfamiliar tale, and often stems from the idea that once we've had surgery, and the pain is gone, that the problem is solved. This is rarely the case, whether you've consulted a surgeon, PT or chiropractor; your back needs ongoing management and care, most of which you need to do yourself.

Are you for example doing a daily set of lower back exercises? If not, that's the place to start; two minutes every morning before getting out of bed; you'll find my favourites in the navigation bar at Chiropractic Help.

EVERY morning without fail, and perhaps several times a day.

If you bend forwards, backwards, and to the side does it reproduce the pain in your leg, or does it feel very tight? Is it in a different part of your leg compared with prior to surgery?

Often the level above the surgery then gives way, and the pain in the leg shifts to a new area.

It could also be a sacroiliac joint subluxation; the injection of course killed the pain temporarily, but did nothing for the problem.

One more thought; do you have a short leg. Ask someone to kneel behind you with their hands on your iliac crests; are they more or less level?

If you reply please do so on your computer; correcting cellphone grammar is not my favourite.

Dr B

» left hip and sacral pain after L4/5 fusion

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