Left buttock and low back pain

by Terry Andrews
(Stoke on trent england)

Suffered for 8 years plus, had piriformis release 6 months ago, foot drop stopped but pain continues when sitting.

All lower back and hips stiff in morning.
Been diagnosed with mild hip arthritis and large transverse process.
Was long distance lorry driver, had accident 10 years ago when thrown around cab when I swerved and drove the artic down a steep embankment, off work 2 weeks with bad back.
Now had to give up driving due to sitting problem. Mother suffers from osteoporosis and has according to her large back bone but she is 89 and can't get any more than that.
My knees ache all the time, pain in hand and left foot when cold had broken hand years ago and broke bones in foot years ago. Knocked down by car aged about 10 believed from memory and the way I was splinted it could of been broken left femur or hip.

Hello Terry,
Yes, S-H-one-T happens to the best of us. It's been hard I can see.
Back conditions are inherited, you can't change your parents, but I would strongly recommend you convince your children to start doing our Lower Back Exercises (see navigation bar at C-H). There's a 50% chance their backs will be as bad or worse than yours.
With chronic conditions like yours, there's obviously no chance of a "cure". My chiropractic recommendations are:
1. Start doing that exercise programme EVERY morning before getting out of bed. Every... it takes less than two mins.
2. Accept that heavy lifting is over.
3. Sit less and choose your chairs carefully.
4. Bend less, go down on ONE knee when picking something off the floor.
5. Go for a course of chiropractic adjustments of your spine, and then go once a months or so for maintenance care.

Usually, with this regimen it'll be managable, probably not great. But if it was 50-80% better I take it you would be happy.

Start asking friends and family for the name of an experienced chiropractor.

Good luck.

Dr. Barrie Lewis

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