Left ankle pain -causing other pain

by Angelsmith
(Norwalk, ca, usa)

Hi; around 2009 I turned to walk; there was a very small stomp like a sidewalk but really low & wasn't visible. By me turning to walk away, I had a twist and fall; the way I fell my ankle bent out and I landed on the actual ankle. I limped up stairs and got into the car.

When I got home I ace wrapped and slept; the pain was too much. Several days later I went to my mom's job since she knows everyone. The nurse practitioner said I had ruptured ligaments or tendons; I can't remember. She put in a splint, I was on crunches. The pain lasted a long time.

Over the years when it's cold I have pain and can't bend it up or down.

Present day: 2015, I fell again same ankle in Jan. I wrapped it and left it. The pain presented every day. I have this foot thing my mom gave me; it helps my ankle from moving either way, pain is still there.

I went to the er again after 2009; this was my first xray; this is where I came with the sprained ankle. The doctor said there is no rupture or damage or I couldn't walk.

Sun Feb 15,15 I went to er and got another xray; results say I have a sprained ankle.

My problem and question is. If it's just a sprain why is my heel, foot, calf, and groin hurting. My ankle is a constant fire burn that won't stop; the pain wakes me up, also when my foot just lies on the cover it pains to a burning sensation. I can't have anything rub or touch that ankle bone that sticks out. My long bone going up my leg to my knee is burning as well.

Hello Angel,
The xray is unfortunately worse than useless; if the diagnosis was made on the basis of that graphic, I recommend you go and see a real doctor.

I'm afraid it's really difficult for me to make any suggestions. You obviously had a serious injury five years ago that wasn't properly managed, and a setback was inevitable.

Gather all your xrays and make an appointment with an orthopaedic specialist; write up this garbled report that you wrote - I spent 20 mins just correcting your grammar - and take it with you.

Do it; you've obviously had a serious injury that needs a proper diagnosis and treatment. Neglect it and you have the distinct possibility of a life time of pain.

Dr B

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