Lbp with hip pain.

I have low back pain; always have had. However this time it was different.

The pain I feel is isolated around my QL ON MY LEFT. I will have random spurts of nerve pain to the head of the fibula and sometimes into the back and lateral side of my calf but this is far and few between and not constant.

The main pain I also feel is from my ASIS to my PSIS and left glute med is extremely painful.

Any ideas?

Hello Daryl,
Firstly I actually recommend that everyone does some simple lower back exercises, simply because we sit to much and there's an epidemic of lower back pain; rather like brushing your teeth.

This is even more true of those like you who suffer from chronic pain; you can locate ours in the navigation bar on the left, but it might be better to get some professional advice for those most suitable to you.

Pain in the leg is an ominous development; it means that your LBP has progressed from grade one to two. Take this seriously.

This is particularly true if the Flip test is positive; ask someone to raise your good leg first, and then the naughty leg parallel to the ground. Is it painful or more tight in the calf area? It's called sciatica.

The sciatic nerve emerges from the back via the buttock in the area your describe and it's often painful in the gluteal muscles.

There are a lot of other structures there, so it's not guarantee that's the problem; only a careful and thorough examination will determine just what is causing your pain.

Have you seen any chiropractors? Start those exercises and do them faithfully every morning before getting out of bed. They only take about two minutes.

Dr B

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Nov 18, 2017
hip and leg pain
by: Anonymous

pain on the left leg and on the hip joint; when I try to exercise it it's stiff and cant bend enough; what can I do?

Start with an x-ray of the pelvis. You may have hip arthritis.

Dr B

May 23, 2016
Hip or back
by: Daryl

Hi well I am actually a physiotherapist and presenting simaler as described of a discogenic nature. However no tenderness on my spine. Nor other symptoms simaler.

The pain is more as said into the hips, which I have found more debilitating than the back.

Hello Daryl,
Pull your knee to the chest, towards the opposite shoulder and then to the lotus position, or fabere. Is it stiff and sore in the groin or lateral hip?

What was the result of the Flip test? If you bend forwards or to the side does the one leg feel much tighter or painful than the other?

dr B

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