lateral right ankle sprain

i had this untreated for 4 years, i need to know which muscles are tight, i used to squat alot and did alot of single leg excercise. i feel alot of spasms in my groin, upper right side of my knee ( like the IT band is )does this muscles need to be stretched?

Hello Diego,
Your story is not unusual. The foot is vital part of the kinetic chain and uncorrected subluxation have a knock-on affect on knee, hip, sacroiliac joint and even the neck.

When an ankle is sprained, the talus or calcaneus are often displaced. That alters the gait, and hence all the pain you are getting.

Get so see a chiropractor is who is competent in treating the lower extremity and feet.

You'll find some stretches for the ITB at C-H. Use the Search this site facillity.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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