L4, L5, S1 Lower Back -After Surgery

by Melissa

After receiving titanium cages, rods, and an epideral pain stimulator in lower back should a physical therapist adjust your hips by jerking your leg?

You're asking the wrong person, Melissa. I'm a chiropractor and frankly I don't think a physical therapist should be treating you. And to be honest, only a chiropractor with a lot of experience.

It all depends. When was the surgery? last week? Ten years ago?

Jerking is an old fashioned technique that admittedly I used to use until I found more satisfactory methods of treating the hip. Done gently, sensibly, it might be okay after a lower back surgery of say six months or more. But everything depends...

Do you EVERY MORNING, every morning before getting out of bed do a few simple gentle back exercises? That's were I'd start. Talk to the surgeon, and perhaps ask him/her about the lower back exercises you can find at C-H. Look in the Nav Bar on the left. They are gentle in the main.

I hope this contributes.

Dr B

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