L4 and L5 broadbased disc protrusion. S1 missing cartilage

by steven
(Perth, W.A, Australia)

severe pinching of the nerve from lower back down to hip; unable to stand straight; crippling pain, almost dropped to the floor; severe pain to mild pain down leg.

Hips are uneven when in severe pain and unable to even walk without help. I've read about the 5 grades and grade 4 describes my situation well.

Hello Steven,
It sounds like you're in trouble; the problem could be either of the two levels mentioned, and precise details of the leg pain distribution would be helpful.

Back, side, or front of the leg pain?

You have been standing in what's known as an antalgia; the body takes on a twisted appearance to protect the nerve. It's controversial, others would disagree, but my advice is not to sit, don't stand for long periods, and that means taking to your bed, with exercises and an icepack.

You can't simply carry on as normal; you'll end up in surgery. Given time and common sense, it may recover of its own; having said that, whenever there's leg pain, my recommendation is that you get professional help; you can end up with a permanent foot drop.

Take it seriously; it is serious. See our slipped disc rules page.

Dr B

» L4 and L5 broadbased disc protrusion. S1 missing cartilage

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