L2-3 pain and torn labrum?

by barry zellmer

back,groin testicle inside right leg down into knee.had l4-5 micro disectomy and it was known at that time l2-3 was pinched dr wanted to relieve nerve that was causing foot drop did not do l2-3 at the time.

it was also mknown i had torn labrum i right hip.the disc buldge eas right side also.nuero guy sent me to hip doc he sent me back to nuero dr.both telling me they wanted the other guy to do what he was going to do.

had labrum done the nuero guy moved never hsd l2-3 done and is getting progresivly worse to the point of not being able to take it anymore

Hello Barry,
Obviously I haven't seen your MRI, nor examined you, but I suspect the surgery was done at the wrong level. Hence no relief of pain. Or has the foot drop recovered?

That L2-L3 lesion can also cause a foot drop, via the Deep Peroneal nerve that supplies the Anterior Tibialis, weakness of which is the most common cause of a foot drop. Could you, can you raise your big toe?

And because the Femoral nerve passes down through the groin it often produces severe groin pain. The labrum and capsule are supplied by this nerve which originates not from L4-L5 but higher.

So it begs the question: torn labrum, or inflammed labrum and capsule?

Did the operation to your groin help with the groin and inner thigh pain?

Anyway, that's all history now. Where do you go from here? Firstly start with lower back exercises ... You'll see there are various and it's impossible for me to advise which would be best for your case.

It's time to consult a local chiro, and s/he will guide you on which are best.

Look for someone with time on their hands for a proper, thorough examination, and plenty of experience under the belt. I don't think it's going to be easy after two surgeries. Find a good chiropractor ... take your X-rays and scans with you.

Before the appt, take a pin and by comparing both legs, try and map out with a soft tip pen where you are getting pain / numbness in the leg.

You are going to have to work with him/ her. Follow instructions to the T. Good luck, let us know in a month how you get on.

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Dr B

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