L2 L3 disc bulge

by Martin Mooij
(Alkmaar the Netherlands)

If there is a disc bulge on that level can it cause hip pain and problems with bending if the facet joint in that L2L3; I got damaged by lifting too much weight on a strange angle above my head?

Wat leuk van een Nederlander te horen, maar mijn NL is beperkt, zo ik zou in het engels moeten schrijven.

Both a disc bulge and a facet impingement can cause pain in and around the hip.

If you were in extension when lifting, then a facet joint injury is more likely; they respond quicker to a chiropractic adjustment.

Disc injuries are characterised by pain when coughing, sneezing and bearing down on the toilet. Nerve stretch tests would be positive most likely. Look up the Slump test for sciatica at Chiropractic Help. The femoral nerve is more difficult to test; that comes from the L2 L3 region.

Are you doing any lower back exercises every day? That's very important; I recommend every morning before getting out of bed.

This could be difficult, Martin. You have to help yourself too by being careful, sitting less, not doing any heavy lifting and doing those exercises.

Ik ben in Alkmaar geweest; er moet een goede chiropractor in de wijk zijn.

Veels geluk,

Dr b

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