L1 to L2 disc bulge with right high groin pain

by Joe
(Atco NJ 08004)

L1 to L2 disc bulge with right high groin pain

Groin pain only presents itself when flexing hip upward .
Example, while standing trying to raise leg higher than 6" off the ground.
While in a seated position it is impossible to lift my knee toward my chest. At the same time there is a pulling pain sensation in my lower back.
No flexing pain in my left leg at all.
Rotation right hip when trying to cross leg to tie your shoes is too pain full.
My leg constantly needs to be lifted while in a seated position to do these movements.

Hello Joe,
A big question: does it make a difference whether you use the thigh muscles to lift the leg when sitting, as compared to lying on your back and pulling your knee to the chest with your hands?

Keep to this thread with your answer.

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