know it all

by Brian
(Birmingham, Alabama)

I had used a local chiropractor when I had a crick in my neck. He was knowledgable as well as professional and kind. I had gotten a Migraine due to eating some MSG accidentally, and called him to cancel an appointment. The next time I was in he told me I should have come on in because he "specializes in migraines". Now, I am no physician, but am smart enough to know that if I have a chemically induced migraine, an adjustment will not cure it no more than tickling my foot when I have had a laceration.

Because of that one comment I have never returned to his practice, nor informed him on why I stopped using him. The best reaction or comment he could have had was to say, "I am sorry about that, have you considered seeing if we can find a solution here?" or possibly "Did you know that in some cases chiropractors can help migraines?". Never be a know it all and say something is your "specialty" when you have nothing about that ailment in any of your advertisements or literature on services you offer.

Point taken, Brian. No arguments.

However, are you 1000% sure it was the MSG that caused your migraine? Probably was, nasty stuff, but could it have come from your jaw joint from something you ate at the same meal. Something chewy...?

I do think that stopping consulting him was rather extreme though, if he helped you with your crick in the neck. What are you going to do next time?

It's hard to be confrontational, but I encourage my patients to be direct. Doctors generally have a thick skin, and if they don't, they should have. Next time your crick returns, go to him again, and tell him straight that you felt he was being arrogant and that's why you hadn't been back.

That's my pennyworth, anyway.

Dr b

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