Knee pain

Knee pain

Can an old ankle break cause Knee to become bone on bone?

Most certainly. Take an old dry stick and put your foot on it, and then break it. Notice how if often breaks in two places?

When there's sufficient trauma to cause an ANKLE FRACTURE then huge forces are transmitted along the shaft, often also injuring the knee.

Just as important, a fractured ankle often changes the biomechanics of the ankle joint - it often changes the gait - putting extra stress on other joints, particularly the knee and hip.

It's why I always recommend after a fractured or
sprained ankle you always have the ankle mortice and subtalar joints, and the knee and hip examined once the ligaments or bone have healed.

Don't think that a degenerate knee is beyond chiropractic treatment though. Research shows THE most effective treatment for an arthritic knee though, if you're overweight, is weight loss. Free weight loss programs ...

I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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Dr. Barrie Lewis

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