Knee pain near the end of the 400m race

by Chloe
(Ontario )

Sometimes knee pain is just a radiation from the hip.

Sometimes knee pain is just a radiation from the hip.

2014 was my second year of doing Track & Field. I did the 400 meter race and about a meter away from the finish line. I started to cry because I couldn’t run anymore because my knee was hurting REALLY BADLY. I did end up finishing the race but after it was over I was still crying because I couldn’t move and I was really light headed.

So it’s been a good 3 years I haven’t done any long distance running because when I do my knee hurts and it feels like I’m gonna collapse.

Two years ago I did 400 meter again and after I had to forfit all of my other events at Track & Field because of my knee.

But after the first time I did 400 meters my knee wouldn’t stop hurting so I went to my doctors an then I got x-rays just in case. Nothing came back on the x-ray so that was good, but it continually hurts and it’s so bad we’re I can’t move or if I do I’m in tears.

So I just wanted to see what you think I did to it. And what I should do to try and fix it. Also what could help the pain stop,there’s no bruising or swelling it’s just pain like someone’s stabbing me.

Hello Chloe,
You really need to see someone who is experienced in treating athletes; this is probably very treatable.

And in any case it must affect your other disciplines.

Frankly the average doctor, and chiropractor too for that matter, is probably clueless about sports injuries; talk to your coach, and other athletes and start looking for someone in treating injuries like this.

Look for a chiropractor with a FICS qualification; post graduate sports course.

Good luck.
Dr Barrie Lewis DC


» Knee pain near the end of the 400m race

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