K7 laser treatment for femoral neuropathy now for 2-3 months

by Hilde
(Fredericksburg VA)

getting not much relief....was told pain will be subsiding in 4 treatments.

oK have to tell you what my problem is.
FEll of a chair that had rollers on it...went right out from underneath me and it took the medical !! doctors 2 months to diagnose that I have Femoral Neurapathy on right leg going from knee to the ankle.
At the beginning got treatment 3 times a week.
It has been 15 months now started treatment. Laser in middle of Sept this year. Now got pain in back right side too and I can not stay in shower more than 5 min. that started right after getting laser. I do not walk with cane but cannot walk far due to pain in back and my legs need to be strengthened I guess.
I read that one needs constant treatment and manipulation on leg not to recess the treatment or it gets undone!!
Does it?
Laser is quite expensive !!
Now they cut me back to once a week to get laser but my leg is feeling like I got a cast on and when I sleep it feels like compressed and very uncomfortable.
I feel I do not get any better shortening my treatment.??

I ask if i can do some things at home to help with the pain and to loosen the leg..I was told I can lift no more then 15 pounds!!
They do not give me anything i can do my self to get better.
Help is there anything I can do better or different?

As a rule of thumb, if I see no significant improvement within a month, I would be asking for a second opinion.

Would you treat a broken leg with laser? I think you have been barking up the wrong tree for far too long.

Time for change.

Dr B

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