joint pain

Lately I have had tingling in both my arms and hands from the elbows down along with stiffness in the elbows to the point where i can not lift objects like a gallon of milk with out great pain.

What's not quite certain is whether this is a nerve or joint or muscle condition, or several of the above. Is the pain when you lift a bucket of milk in the shoulders, elbows or hands.

A big clue: is the tingling in all the fingers (both hands), or in only some?

Is the PAIN only when you lift?

Only a careful and thorough Chiropractic exam can make a diagnosis, and recommended treatment. With tingling in BOTH arms it's best to assume it needs immediate assessment.

A slipped disc in the neck, or nerve root impingement, or carpal tunnel syndrome is more likely to affect one side, initially at least.

Does turning your head and neck cause pain in the neck and immediate referral to the arm(s)?

Does placing your hand on your head relieve or aggravate the pain and tingling?

Unfortunately, I have (from a little distance) little to offer. X-rays and a scan of your neck are likely in the offing.

Think too of a B12 deficiency, but that's less likely to cause pain, just the numbness.

My recommendation: ask friends and family, and even your family doctor for the name of a respected thorough chiropractor in your town.

I hope this has contributed.

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