is is a sciatic problem?

by osayande
(Edo state, Nigeria)

that is my femur.

that is my femur.

Muscle weakness, tingling, burning. Had a surgery for my broken femur sometime ago. About a year now. My femur has not healed and I am passing through what I mentioned. The problem started from when I tried to make my stiff knee flexible. I think it affected the fracture site. I am in so much pain for the past 7 months and the doctor is saying nothing about it.

Please if anyhow has help should please write to me. This has really wasted my money since 2014. I am becoming scared of ever being able to walk again. Less i forget. I had the problem with my left leg. But recently I am beginning to notice the same problem on my right leg.

Are you a smoker? If the bone doesn't get enough oxygen it won't heal.

I'm afraid this is an orthopaedic problem, and outside of my domain. The hip doesn't look good either.

Sorry, wish I could be more helpful.

Car accident?

Dr B

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