Intermittent numbness of left hip, buttock and leg

by Gay

I have intermittent claudication, L4and 5 disc degeneration and subsequent pain. Lately, I have had periods of total numbness of my entire left lower extremity including my buttock, hip, leg and foot! I am a nurse, and this happens a work when pushing the heavy med cart. It eventually comes back to "life", but seems to be taking longer to do so. I visit my chiropractor fairly routinely approx. every 4-6 weeks, but it is getting worse. Any ideas?

Hello Gay,
I'm being presumptuous, but I take it you are, or were, a smoker; that's by far the greatest cause of intermittent claudication. It's the greatest risk factor in lower back surgery, and in chiropractic care too, as the joints don't get enough oxygen; discs just don't heal no matter what the treatment.

It's the TOTAL numbness of the leg that's worrying. It means it's not just one nerve root, but several that are affected; lumbar spinal stenosis.

Are you doing a disciplined, daily exercise program? That's vital, and at Chiropractic Help you'll find our exercises. Two minutes before getting out of bed every morning.

Then you have to accept that there are certain things you just can't do. Mostly you have to work out for yourself what they are. Is there another medical cart? Could you lighten it? But certainly don't go lifting the deep freeze and the grand piano, and the vacuum cleaner should be suspect.

Over and above that, no nothing much else strikes me. Give up the weed, though. It's pernicious and will kill you.

Good luck, I hope this contributes. Ask your chiropractor about those exercises at CH, which are best for you.

Dr B

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