Instinctive left shoulder re-action

by Thomas
(Kimberley South Africa)

I had a back fusion operation s4 (maybe wrong). Two of the vertebra's broke and had to be fused. About 3 weeks after the operation my left shoulder started making an instinctive movement (forward) The left berast muscles as well as the left shoulder muscles pulls together and make short forward movements. This reactions only takes place when i am relaxing and in bed, it makes it very difficult to sleep as i cannot control it .I was said that it might go over after 3 months as it might be a nerve that can be twinched in my neck. The operation was on 18 April 2011, my recovery is very good.

Hello Thomas,

Frankly I'm not sure because S4 is obviously not correct. S = sacrum.

If it was L4, then it's most unlikely to have affected your shoulder. It's possible if you had a general anaesthetic that the extension of your neck could have caused this, but unlikely.

If T4 (thoracic), then yes, the surgery could be the cause, and with some urgency I think you should discuss it with the surgeon.

Not a case for a chiropractor.

Dr b

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