Inner thigh/outer calf extreme pain

L2 dermatome

L2 dermatome

Inner thigh/outer calf extreme pain.

I have arthritis in my left hip, all the numerous tests show that, I understand that. But there are some days that I walk normally without pain, not a thing hurts anywhere, that I can not understand.

This pain began after I had lower back surgery. Some days the pain is so intense, other days I do not have pain. I have Stenosis and Scoliosis, that also has been confirmed with MRI's of those areas. EMG found a delay transmitted from head to toe. Doctor's all say that after I have the left hip replaced the pain will probably be eliminated. I do not think the hip is what is causing the excruciating pain in my inner thigh and outer calf.

As I said, some days there isn't any pain and I walk normally. I personally know people with hip replacements and know they have pain, sometimes more pain after the metal implants. Also the high metal readings in their body that needs to be monitored. Modern medicine should have advanced by now and surely could have come up with something that "works" and not with the use of metals in our body.

Seems the choice for persons with arthritic hips is "only" cutting open the skin, cutting off leg bone, hammering a steel peg into the bone, grinding out the hip bone, inserting steel, screwing it in...what?? Modern medicine? Sounds more like science fiction with the pain or infection that can follow.

That is my choice? Explore the idea of hip surgery when the pain could be from a pinching of a nerve in my back? I don't like the idea of being a guinea pig and running around with metal in my body for the rest of my life. Once the hip is replaced, there will never be the chance of replacing my original parts. That is a huge decision. A decision that I will not jump to make. I want to rule out EVERYTHING and get to the bottom of "what" is "causing" the pain for sure.

Dear Suzee,
An "incidental finding" is something true but irrelevant. Let's choose an example. Say I am diabetic and then a wart starts growing on my ear. It's true I am diabetic, but it probably has nothing whatsoever to do with the wart.

So, the question is, is the arthritic hip an incidental finding. I share your concern. It could cause the pain in groin and upper inner thigh, but most unlikely to be related to the outer calf extreme pain.

At what level(s) did you have the back surgery? If the pain in the leg started immediately after the surgery, that's most likely the cause, indeed.

The big question is: "what reproduces the pain?". Try bending slowly forwards, backwards, to the side. Does it give you pain in the back and leg, does it increase the inner thigh/ outer calf extreme pain.

Then do the Slump test for sciatica ... it the naughty leg much tighter/ painful.

The test for the Femoral nerve is unfortunately more difficult and should be done by an experienced clinician.

Now, lie on your back, and pull your knee to the chest. Gently rotate the hip. Compare sides. Do you get significant pain in the groin and hip. Is it very stiff?

Could you ask: Where on the Kellgren Lawrence scale does your hip arthritis lie?

Better still, take your camera and photograph the X-ray. Attach it here or send as an attachment to Contact.

Start every morning, on your bed, gently pulling your knee to your chest 10 x and then gently rotating the hip. Gently, discomfort in the hip yes, pain no.

Then start these hip exercises ... they are difficult, take your time and learn them properly, and remember you're not training for the next Olympic team! Slowly, gently.

Also these lower back exercises ...

Have you ever consulted a chiropractor? Perhaps start looking for an experienced, well-recommended person in your town. Take your scans.

No easy answers, Suzee, but yes your concerns are legit. Good luck, let me have the results of the questions above.

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I hope this has contributed.

Dr B

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