Inner thigh pain

by Ace
(Lakeland, Florida)

65 year old carpet installer and while standing I get a dull achy feeling which turns into a burning sensation at the crease of my right leg and thigh area. I can cross both legs ok while sitting one at a time and there’s no pain at all while laying flat on my back in bed or either side. Sometimes if the achiness starts while walking in a store, it turns into the burning to where I can barely walk. A short sit makes the pain subside to where it feels like a hot pointed tip is touching the area. Doctor looked and said it wasn’t a hernia but did say I had a pinched nerve in my back. After prescribed meds of ibuprofen and steroids it hasn’t helped much so, I visited a chiropractor and he took ex rays showing some arthritis in my back but not bad. After 5 alignment visits, he says he thinks I have a torn ligament in my groin. What’s weird is the pain can come on very fast from just standing and leave completely just as fast. There’s also no redness or rash in the area. Researching on my own I have the exact same symptoms as Ilioinguinal Neuralgia but after showing the chiropractor what I found he disagreed and said it’s definitely a slightly torn ligament. This whole thing started out as a pinched nerve around L2 and L4 but now is a torn ligament in my groin. He prescribed ice when it hurts and a compression wrap. Sitting in a recliner causes no pain nor does driving a car. Only constant nagging pain is a slight prickly sensation that only leaves while sleeping. Working on knees, going up and down, doesn’t cause any pain UNTIL I’m done with work and relax or standing. Also I have no idea how I may have hurt myself other than right before the holidays, we worked hard and often as in every day. I almost forgot that there’s a section above the crease of my leg and on my thigh that feels numb. That numbness doesn’t change!

What will make this nagging go away?

Hello Ace,
It certainly sounds like nerve pain. A high lumbar affecting the femoral nerve would be my first guess; then the femoral stretch would be positive, there would be sensory change to pinprick, compared to the other leg, and possible loss of the knee jerk and weakness of the quadriceps muscle? Does any of that fit?

Do any movements of your lower back, bending forwards, sideways, backwards, provoke the inner thigh pain?

Does pulling your knee to the chest and rotating it feel stiff and sore?

Using a little oil, run your thumb down through the groin; is is particularly tender?

When sitting, does lifting your knee provoke the pain? Straigtening the knee?

Frankly you need to trust those who are able to examine you. I'm only guessing.

Dr Barrie Lewis DC


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