Inner thigh pain that radiates to other parts of leg

by Meg

I've been experiencing constant inner thigh pain for a little over a month. I wake up first thing in the morning with it and go to bed at night and it's still there. The severity of it doesn't seem to change - just constant and aggravated, more so when I walk.

After sitting, the pain radiates to the outer thighs as well and after walking for longer periods of time, 1-2 miles, pain spreads over entire upper thigh. There is relief to the outer thigh pain when legs are fully elevated. Inner thigh pain persists even more when I go to cross my ankles.

Hello Meg,
Frankly I'm not sure. You say outer thighS, plural. Are you getting this in both legs?

You make no mention of lower back or hip and groin pain. Is that correct?

Does bending forwards and backwards, to the side, do nothing in either the lower back or the thigh?

What about pulling your knee to your chest? Is there any pubic bone pain?

My first thought is to see your medical doctor initially. Don't just accept medication. A thorough examination and diagnosis is called for, rather than try these pills.

Let me have some answers to the above questions, and we can take this further.

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