inner thigh and back

by robin

Respected doctor,

How is inner thigh and back pain caused?
I was regular doing ground exercises in the morning and evening. And in the evening after doing exercise at ground I go to the gym.

The ground exercise includes running, sprint and stretching.

Once after a normal running, I did the sprint when suddenly I got pain in the left thigh, and with pain in left testicle.
over the time pain in the testicle subdued but i develop some problem in lower back left and left thigh.

I am not having any severe pain, but it's very irritating.
With the use of some medicines it subdued for 2 to 3 days , then again it came back.

I appreciate your guidance regarding this.

Thanking you.

Hello Robin,
Normally, I considered a muscular condition in the thigh or hip, but seeing you also have back and testicular pain, this could be a neurological condition radiating from the lower back.

There aren't many chiropractors in India; the best I can suggest is you start the lower back exercises which you'll find in the navigation bar on the left at Chiropractic Help.

I hope this helps.
Dr B

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