increased numb and painful tingling and vertigo

by Deb
(Mckinney, TX)

» increased numb and painful tingling and vertigo.

Great site and here goes.
I had a car accident January 5th 2015. I fell forward and hit my head on the windshield and then became wedged down under the console.

I broke my right shoulder, my left wrist and had 4 fractures in four different vertebrae. Two months later I fell flat on my back on cement stairs and cracked my T6.

As I was doing physical therapy shortly thereafter, I noticed a lot of tingling and loss of function in my left hand also very painful numbing (yes, painful and numbing at the same time) was waking me up.

Also, I have severe vertigo whenever I lean back to put in eye drops or to change position in bed.

I'm having a nerve conduction study done but I'm very concerned because the condition has gotten worse in my left hand especially my left thumb my left ring finger and left middle finger.
Sometimes all the fingers and thumb.

Also the X ray shows that it has healed 23.5% in the wrong direction. The doctor is recommending carpal tunnel surgery.

Please advise and thank you.

Hello Deb,
Always wear a safety belt from now on. Never travel without it.

Firstly, remember your doctor on the ground should be taken more seriously that anyone on the internet. He or she can examine you, I can't.

Nevertheless, you are obviously concerned, and are starting to ask questions. That is right and proper.

There's a critical question. Do you ever get tingling in the pinkie? Then it's not carpal tunnel syndrome. But yes, it sounds like the injury to your left wrist has injured the median nerve, but it NEVER goes to the pinkie.

Do movements of your neck cause any pain, numbness or tingling down your arm and into the hand? Then I'd be thinking of a problem in the neck but, because it's covering several dermatomes, I'd be looking at a condition called Thoracic Outlet Syndrome; it affects the nerves and artery to your arm. Ask your doctor to do Adson's test on you. Do you get relief from the tingling in your hand, or is it worse if you abduct your arm; raise it above your head.

That vertigo sounds very like a condition called Benign Paroxymal Positional Vertigo. It responds very well to some simple exercises called the Epley manoeuvres. Start to ask around who can teach them to you.

I am reluctant to adjust the necks of folk suffering from vertigo. I do it occasionally, but only once the Epley's have been done, and a test called the Hallpike Dix test is negative. There's greater risk at the moment to have any neck manipulation.

All in all this a serious accident you've had and to be quite honest you are very lucky not to be paralysed. You need to find a chiropractor, medical doctor, physiotherapist that are comfortable with and trust.

Start with the Epleys, and having Adson's test done. Oh, and using the search function at chiropractic help, find and do the Upper Limb Tension Test.

Good luck and let me know how you get on.

Dr B

» increased numb and painful tingling and vertigo.

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