impingement just below scapula, painful right shoulder

by jim

I awoke one morning, felt as tho I got bitten, about mid back, below my shoulder blade; a month later, I still avoid pulling right arm rearward; it can trigger a vicegrip like irritatio; extremely painful. A friend mentioned an impingement. I'm not familiar with the term? No visible evidence, confusing.

Hello Jim,
It's not clear whether your shoulder is also painful; this sounds more like a rib condition. Does taking in a deep breath hurt? If you turn your whole torso to the side, is there pain?

Rib subluxlations, if that's what it is, usually respond quickly to treatment.

Dr B

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Dec 29, 2017
by: Anonymous


Jul 28, 2017
Comment for jim
by: Anonymous

I had a muscle swell between my ribs before. It is a quick jab of pain with each breath in and out. I was doing shallow breathing mainly through my nose. Took a muscle relaxer a few times and tried to relax as much as possible. Within a few days it was gone. My pain was in the left front though right under breast. Hope this is helpful!

This could be misleading, but consider it; the pain was clearly not in a joint, but more likely in the muscle between the ribs.

Yours sounds more like a subluxation in the costo-vertebral joint.

Thank you for your comment; they all contribute and help see the broader perspective.

Dr B

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